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Originally Posted by belgolas View Post
I hope this thread doesn't turn into a flame fest again. If you don't like the iPad we have all heard your arguments. You don't have to post in every apple thread. I don't post in a Chevy forum why I don't like their products.

I love some of the cool this being done with the iPad.

This is MLB at Bat 2010 app for the iPad. It is so cool but I still don't think that could make me watch baseball.
YouTube - MLB at Bat 2010 for iPad Review

Or a quick small vid on VNC for the iPad. Very cool. You could even watch flash movies and somewhat play flash games. Very cool.
YouTube - Remote Desktop on the Apple iPad

This is a long review of some cool apps.
YouTube - Cool iPad Apps

These are some AWESOME apps.
YouTube - 10 Must Have iPad Apps

And many more. Feel free to post your own apps that you think are cool.
I am just gonna quote myself just because it seems like everyone is missing some other neat stuff.

kendallcschm please don't flame bait as this is one of the main reasons why a lot of Apple threads here get locked. We don't need to post ridiculous false info.

Let's all try and act like adults speaking to other adults.

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