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Originally Posted by kendallcschm View Post
end users (aside from people like us) are idiots for the most part.. alot of support forums are swamped with stupidity... i know one guy who wiped is motherboard down with an alcohol cloth while it was on!! and that is not a PC's fault and i agree my comment was stupid...
Yup many issues are ID10T ones. BUT it seems that Apples default response is to deny, deny, deny. They really do seem to default to a blame the end user first and then release a fix only IF they have to. Ofcourse to get this "fix" you usually need to buy the new model! From overheating, to warping frames, the craptacular LCDs. Apple may have less software issues BUT if one PC company pulled as many stunts as they do....they would have been crucified by the PC community. Whereas Apple fans seem to never get enough.

As for the app. It does indeed look interesting. Dont know how usefull is will be outside of kids books. I certainly dont think it is going to be the "THE APP" that makes the iWannGrowUpToBeATablet iPad into a winner.
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