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Originally Posted by kendallcschm View Post
ok your sayin how much the Ipad sucks but have you even tried it yet.. the technology put into it is quite amazing... i was very impressed with the graphical quality as well as the incredible speed to go with it.. it has ways of saving documents and synchronizing via networks back to your computers and phones using mobile me... the concept apple has is that there doesn't need to be a problem to solve.. perhaps just a new level of computing to create.. its a different philosophy.. in the PC world there are always problems to fix.. in the mac world there are very few that i have found.. the ones that exist are from user error.. Apple decided to make something cool, interesting, and new... something NO ONE has ever done before.. and they did.. that thing is like a hand held Nintendo WII and a netbook put together... there is alot of potential i can see in this product.. perhaps opening your mind might help you see it
Wow, wow wow. I'm not trying to say it sucks, it's a valid entry into the tablet market for Apple, but that's about it. It isn't amazing at all, and tablets similar to the ipad have been around for years.

What Apple is creating isn't new, it's an idea that has been tried many times before and failed every single time. Obviously the ipad won't fail but it won't succeed either. It's just a mundane product the majority won't find a use for and won't buy. It's part of the tablet market. No one needs a tablet, there is no need for one. Its too big to fit into a pocket or act like a phone and not powerful enough to be used as a full on computer. IMO if Apple wanted to sell their ipad even more and to a larger audience they should have waited for more powerful mobile processors (atom, ion) to advance and then leap on the idea.

As for gaming on the ipad - while I liked the idea at first (Need for speed with the acceleromater, etc) However lots of people complained about the gaming. Mostly because the thing weighs too much (It is a tablet after all, not an iphone, and people find it a hefty device) so if you need to be holding your ipad in the air and moving it around (like NFS) then your arms get tired within 5 minutes and you need to take a break. Other than that and the fact that you have to use on screen controls for most other games (yuck) the gaming capabilities are good. For a casual gamer.

Don't get me wrong, as I said it's a fantastic device compared to other tablets. Not a good device in the grand scheme of things though. And people, logical people such as myself, won't give it credit because it's simply a OK tablet but with a much higher price tag. I expect more for apple, especially with their prices. Pushing the envelope with this one? I definitely don't think so. In fact they are doing the opposite. It would have made more sense to invent this 5 years ago and then today pull out the iphone and say "it's pretty much the ipad but a little worse, but it's a phone!"
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