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A lot of labor is involved before and after it's painted. Having to dismantle everything, removing and re-installing pop-rivets, taping off the back side of everything to prevent over spray. It took me an entire day to re-assemble the 800D.

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A quick question if you don't mind what's the best way to stop paint chips. I clear coat the hell outta it and let it Hardin fro as long as possible but still have trouble with chips was thinking it was the clear coat i am using. any suggestions you can pm me if you prefer or just tell me to get bent thank with any help. adn keep up the beautiful work. prices are cheap too
considering what it cost for a custom paint job 5 years ago on my tiburon.
I gather you had your car painted by somebody (5 yrs ago) Not only the Clear, but the correct surface preparation and adhesion promoter helps prevent paint from chipping. The stronger the bond to the surface, the more durable the paint finish. Not knowing what they did exactly, I can't offer any solutions, sorry.

A good coat of wax will help prevent chips.

If it's really bad where you live, ie: gravel or unswept streets, I would consider option of having protective film applied.
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