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Originally Posted by Perineum View Post
I can't say it makes it a better book reader. I think the arguments made by others regarding the type of screen has been done to death. Why not just let it go?

You like it. Congratulations, you're a unique individual as most others don't like it. Should you be proud? I don't know. Maybe you're a sheep or maybe we're the sheep. Either way, most of us are beyond caring anymore.

The real point is, the majority of people don't see the iPad for having a real purpose. It's a solution looking for a problem. Nothing, and I really mean NOTHING you say is going to change what we think.

Save your time for something useful.

However, that is a neat app. I can see it's usefulness for certain things.
Originally Posted by nickpolyz View Post
It's neat for kids and all, but even then it's questionable (kids playing with a 500-900$ delicate gadget)... If your a grown up and are drawn to this then fine by me. You just fit more into the apple stereotype, as in people who like shiny buttons and other pointless nonsense (IMO at least). If you actually want something functional though.... Might wanna look for something else. [courier? ]

ok your sayin how much the Ipad sucks but have you even tried it yet.. the technology put into it is quite amazing... i was very impressed with the graphical quality as well as the incredible speed to go with it.. it has ways of saving documents and synchronizing via networks back to your computers and phones using mobile me... the concept apple has is that there doesn't need to be a problem to solve.. perhaps just a new level of computing to create.. its a different philosophy.. in the PC world there are always problems to fix.. in the mac world there are very few that i have found.. the ones that exist are from user error.. Apple decided to make something cool, interesting, and new... something NO ONE has ever done before.. and they did.. that thing is like a hand held Nintendo WII and a netbook put together... there is alot of potential i can see in this product.. perhaps opening your mind might help you see it
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