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If you still run XP, you might want to try AMD FUSION utility (the mobility one), it can be used to shut down background processes that you don't use, to lower CPU usage...
I find that Win7 pretty much takes care of it's own in that regard.
First time I sent it in, the tech wrote "problem found, replicated and fixed"...they changed the HDD??? LOL
Also, they load the wrong drive image (a Vista Hp 32 with QL-65 CPU in device manager) they're tards.
Second time, same thing the tech wrote...but they changed the HSF (or so they say....).
Wehn the warranty will be over, this summer I MIGHT open it and re-apply TIM...I MIGHT...seems to be quite the PITA to open a lappy.

Anyway, an HP so-called engineer wrote me and stated that "It's OK to run this CPU at 100 degrees celsius ,they're meant for that" I just LOLLED.

You're probably right about the 4650. Both CPU and GPU are sharing the same HSF and it adds up.
GPU-Z doesn't give me crazy temps for the 4650 tho.

Anyway, good laptop and all, but if I game with it, it's undervolting/cooling pad.
I'll re-install the same game I was running (COD5) and re-install K10STAT (just got my laptop back from HP tech servicing), drop the volts on my P2 state and report back on the temps!
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