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Originally Posted by FiXT View Post

EDIT: Wait a minute. I took more time to read through, correct me if I am wrong, but this is a vbulletin IM feature correct? It is not a forum wide chat room - like an IRC thing - right?
Like an instant PM. (I don't use facebook sorry, not familiar with their chat system).

I'll read some more through it and make sure the idea get's passed along. I could see it being quite useful. Just need to weigh pro's and con's and make sure we can in fact integrate it in with the current forum.
Yes; this would essentially be a replacement to PM. It would not work like IRC, but I think you could add more than one chat participant if invited. It could be configured to be like a forum wide one though as well, or just your "Friends list".

I do completely agree though; you would not want to have some great info getting buried in the chat process, but PM also has that risk.
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