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My System Specs


That's very good to know Delevan! I run XP so I'd imagine that's still better than Vista. Anything would run lighter than Vista... But XP has pretty lowsy power options, if it weren't for K10Stat, I'd be conserving nothing.
Those temps are high.. You might consider applying AS5 or mx2 or something to CPU and GPU, if you're comfortable with it. Perhaps the heatsink is not seated well or just an inferior unit. I wouldn't be surprised if HP just cleaned it out and sent it back without further diagnosis. My only other guess would be a 4650 generates a lot more heat than an integrated chip, which is stifling the heat transfer through the heatpipe.
Would have been pretty neat getting a free upgrade from HP, though the Turion II's use a newer socket, they'd pretty much have to give you new laptop. Nice HDD in there.
Oh, I've got a zm-80 btw
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