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Default TRUE 120 vs Noctua NH-D14 on i7 C0 4ghz

Hey guys, I was wondering how well a TRUE 120 with the stock fan would compare to a NH-D14 with the stock fans, assuming the TRUE is $30 and the NH-D14 is $80? I don't mind the huge D14 blocking off stuff, but I do like to have good aesthetics. Thermal paste used will be MX-3, here are the specs:

-i7 920 C0 capable of 4ghz at 1.35vcore
-ga-ex58 extreme
-5870, overclocked if possible
-haf 922
-I play all hardware demanding non-ported FPS games, and will play Crysis 2
-I also plan on folding bigadv's

Would the TRUE or the NH-D14 be able to keep the temperatures of the i7 reasonable under (bigadv) loads at 4ghz? If the TRUE can get a lower clock than the NH-D14, is the D14 worth the extra money for the extra clock?

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