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Default highish end gaming rig

i7 920 (was thinking of going xeon w3520 but i wont be doing any crazy oc'ing)
megahalems with 2 big fans unless i water cool (dont really want to water cool but if i have to then i will)
2 vapor-x 5850's crossfire'd
intel x25-m 80g ssd and a large capacity hdd of some sort
silverstone st1000-p power supply
3x 24" asus monitors eyefinity'd

what i cant decide on is a mobo.

was looking at rampage 2 gene. good price and a powerful piece but it runs hot as hell and its matx.

suggestions apreciated.

i'll just get a good set of 3x2gb memory thats compatible with the mobo

plan on oc'ing cpu to 3.5-3.8

thinking of building my own case. i do some 3d work on the side so i'd design it first. if i decide to be lazy then probably an antec 1200 or something else substantial

i think thats pretty much it

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