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You have a ZM-82 CPU in there? (what it looks like by the voltages)
This is interesting info, thanks for taking the time to post it.

I also use K10STAT to undervolt my Turion X2 Ultra ZM-82 2.2GHZ (550mhz,1100mhz & 2200mhz).

I run these voltages:
550mhz= 0.75v
1100mhz= 0.80v
2200mhz= 1.05v (might stability test it to drop even more)

My laptop in sig, although a nice little machine, runs HOT while gaming. Of course, it's not a formal gaming laptop, but the HD4650 1Gig GDDR3 is potent enough to play COD4 & COD5 at med-high and Half-life 2 at pretty much med-high also (at 1366 x 768).

While gaming, at stock volts, the CPU's temp raises to 92-94 degrees Celsius. With the undervolt, temps are reaching 85-86 degrees Celsius.

I sent my laptop a few times to HP to try to get them to upgrade me to a Turion II, but to no avail.

The thing that helped me the most after K10STAT is WINDOWS 7!!!
Windows 7 has a lot better way to manage the resources, with less processes in the background, makes better use of the P-state "throttling"...Win 7 is a winner in my book!!!
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