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Here is everything you've wanted to know about Mnpctech and our custom paint finishes.

We use "House of Kolor" & "PPG" automotive paints.

All custom work is on pre-pay basis in full amount only, including return shipping costs. All payments are made through Paypal. Return shipping cost (insured) will be determined after we're given your zipcode, weight and dimensions of the carton for the case or dismantled parts. Current turnaround is 3 - 4 weeks after receiving parts for paint.

Custom paint work like flames or airbrushed designs are in addition to the SINGLE color price options listed below. Without receiving any design, sketch or linked reference for artwork, we cannot quote cost for custom paint work.

$1000 for single color interior and exterior, includes dismantle and re-assemble case.
$750 for single color exterior only, includes dismantle and re-assemble case.
$500 for single color interior only, includes dismantle and re-assemble case.

You can save on expenses when you dismantle the case or chassis and ship these parts seperately for paint. You re-assemble parts after they return painted.

In regards to the Corsair 800D specifically, many of the plastic parts are brittle and break easily when removing! In particular, the Black release button pegs for the side panels, the hinge pegs for the front HD bay door. The Tool-less Optical drive bay sliding lock mechanisms cannot be removed from the chassis without breaking them off. They will either have to be painted over OR masked off, either way, a portion of the bay will be left unpainted and have to be done by hand later, which won't be an exact match to the overall finish, especially is we're applying a metallic paint.

You are removing all rivets, screws, plastic parts, rubber inserts, leds, hot swap circuit boards, case badges, switches, feet, sound dampening material, adhesive stickers or rubberized strips. Anything that is either glued or screwed onto the case or chassis. Mnpctech assumes no liability for damage or replacement of if these parts are not removed. Mnpctech reserves the right to charge additional fee for removal of these listed parts or any add-ons before performing paint application.

$650 for single color exterior only (you dismantle everything) you ship exterior parts separately for paint, you assemble painted case parts.
$400 for single color interior only (you dismantle everything) we paint motherboard tray, backboard, mid-section floor and 5.25 & 3.5 bays. this does not include top and bottom panels.

I never had time to try the lighting, sorry! Here is some photos I took before the case shipped. I recorded HD video as well. Will update as soon as I can get to it.

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