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My System Specs


It doesn't turn defrag OFF. That would be counter-productive. Just think about it, most peeps use a SSD for their OS and a HDD for their data drive. IF it was turned "off" your hdd would get slow(er) over time. What it does is it simply doesn't setup a schedule automatically for the SSD. It is still there and "on" so you can use it on your HDDs BUT unless you tell it specifically to DO a defreag on the will leave the SSD alone. ;)
wow I can honestly say that when i do a system and check defrag (i too don't completely trust MS) it has never had a schedule setup for the SSD.
^^^ This is exactly what I have found, obviously not the amount of installs Ginger has done, but has held true for 3 x W7 installs all on an SSD. Simply doesn't set-up an Auto Defrag schedule for an SSD....BUT....I always check to make sure ;)

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