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Originally Posted by Patramix View Post
yeah i ran Einstein for a while, but haven't tried it on the I5 yet, its been on stand-by for a while now, been trying to improve my Rosetta score

it did ok but toke up resources from the other 2. right now i got both GPU's runing Seti and 2 cpu's running Rosetta, seems to work well. got a decent score on each i think.

my 275 is running at around 84C(max) while doing Seti, need to reinstall rivatuner and redo my auto fan settings again to keep it cooler, been running the evga tool to manully increase fan speed to get lower temps, just wish the dam thing would OC a bit, but refuses to do so. also need to re OC my E8400 a bit.
It can be difficult trying to balance your resources between projects, I support all our Teams (except GPUGrid) and it's a bit of a stretch sometimes.

I've been hooked on WCG lately but should have some of the milestones I'm after accomplished soon which will free up some resources for Rosetta and Poem. Once I get some better cooling for my lappy I'll be running Seti on it's GPU which should help, all my other main GPU's are dedicated to Folding and will stay there...
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