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Yes I am using distilled water + ptnuke + feser uv dye.

I cleaned out my radiator before installing it with hot water but the water came out clear on the first rinse, it just smelled a little funny. It wasn't at all dirty as far as I could tell. The radiator indeed did come with 12 fan screws and 4 mounting screws conveniently enough.

This case turned out to be a total pain in the ass. I could not do any cable management whatsoever because either the cables wouldn't reach or the door wouldn't close. Also I think I need to get a pci-express X-fi, my old pci one hardly fits any more.

I wasn't able to use my planned t-fitting and cute ball valve for a drain line. There wasn't enough room. So I wasted about $50 on parts for that but oh well.

Leak testing was successful last night, no leakage on the first try. It was super fun filling and bleeding my loop for this first time.

Everything seems to be running smoothly at this point. I'm surprised at how quiet the pump is, even at max setting. I should have just gotten the non-variable speed version and saved some dough. The gentle typhoon fans at 1100 RPM's are fairly quiet, but the noise they make is kind of high pitched and annoying. I may replace them in the future.

I currently have the rear case fan blowing air into the case for the radiator. I think I need a dust cover for it or something so I don't get too much dust in the case but I don't know where to get one. Also, on minor issue is that I don't know how to connect the pump to the motherboard so it complains every time I boot about there being no cpu fan attached. Maybe I'm missing a cable or something?

Sorry for the low quality pictures, turned out my camera was dead so I had to use my phone :p

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