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Default 3870x2 NDA pushed back -delay

Rumour has it

Looks like it's more driver and OC tool related. The hardware was in hand for some of the top OC'ers quite early (like last month) with recent samples getting out to review sites, but it looks like those with review samples are going to have a bit more time to bench their products.

Some leaked benchies are out the interweb but without context and background it's hard to give them credibility though they look close. Apparently Crisis performance is not all it was hoped it would be with the existing drivers, perhaps a delay for that reason only.

With the claims that the cards are DDR3 based I have to wonder if it shouldn't have more appropriately been called a 3850 512 x2 ...

Source: a half dozen forums around the web that host reviewers. I've just been reading between the lines so to speak and this whole post is entirely speculation. But hey this IS THE RUMOR MILL (no "u" in rumour on a Canuck site? tsk tsk :) )

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