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Originally Posted by G777 View Post
Just curious, why 12G's of ram?
The HAF932 is my work system, or at least the system I access work on. It has all my VM instances, using Virtual Box as it works for me and it's free. On this system I often need and I'm unable to run 3 VM's at the same time. That system I'm hunting for 24GB of RAM which I'll write off as a non compensated expense to employment for 2010 tax year. Basically everything in that box is a write off, and depending on my usage of the HEC98 build it might be too.

The HEC98 build will be a gaming system, and due the budget for Video cards as I'm going to run 4 way on the board I looking to save money. In fact I'm going to probably cut it back to 6GB as 12GB for gaming isn't going to give me anything and the money would be better spent on dual SSD drives. I have picked up a single Intel M-25 160GB on eBay for 330.00 CAD actively looking for a partner for it now.
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