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HD Tune Pro 4.01 Benchmark
Average 170.1 MB/s
Access Time 0.2ms

HD Tune Pro 4.01 Random Access 1MB 201.404 MB/s
AAM 0.1ms

EVEREST Linear Read Ave. 213.3 MB/s and the max is 224.7 MB/s
FDEBENCH Read is 214.9 Mb/s and Write is 177.1 MB/s

ATTO DISK Benchmark above 128k benchmark can reach max reading 231.9 Mb/s and writing 185.9 MB/s
CrystalDiskMark Read is 220.0 Mb/s and Write is 178.6 MB/s

NoteBook transfer rate is not as fast as PC, but the difference is not big.
Most benchmark can reach read 210~220 MB/s and write 177~178 MB/s
Comparing to current 2.5” HDD, 5400/7200rpm transfer rate is around 60~90 MB/s.
SSD really improve NoteBook transfer performance. It also makes system shorten the waiting time.

For the power, I previous review used Battery Eater Pro V2.70 to test the standby time, SSD would have 15 more minutes.
But after that, I just realized this benchmark software is for CPU full speed and 3D.
According to my friend, since he changed to SSD, the standby time increase around 30 minutes.
I think SSD power saving feature is also attractive for NoteBook users.

The potential SSD buyers are most using NoteBook.
Even though SSD price is higher, but the higher performance, lower power consumption and anti-shock ability are still very attractive.
Many of my friends are considering to move to SSD for their NoteBook.

For PC platform, 3.5” capacity is higher and performance is better than 2.5” HDD.
PC platform also doesn’t concern the shock issue as it’s not moving often. That’s why SSD is less attractive for PC users.
Some enthusiasts still buy SSD to make RAID to enhance their PC performance.

CPRSAIR P128 SSD owns very high data transfer rate and uses pure SAMSUNG MLC Chips.
Currently, CORSAIR also launches most hi-end Force series SSD. The read/write performance is 295/285 MB/s.
Force series must be the fastest MLC SSD product. Of course, the price will be higher than P128.
I am still looking forward for lower price SSD. It makes SSD be more affordable.

This high performance SSD storage can benefit more users if it becomes more popular in the future. :)

Recently, I bought some headset. SONY MDR-DS7100 headset is one of them.

Finally, I still would like to Thanks for referring my article. :)
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