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The Vertex 120GB is on sale for a few days for $270 plus tax ($300 w/ rebate) if you consider the rebate. This is tempting. I really would like a Sandforce controller drive but I do want at least 2 at some point and maybe 3 total if I ever get a new laptop. There would be time to get the newer ones later if I can afford it!

AkG, is there any difference between the Vertex LE and the Crucial C300? At the same price, one might consider any differences, right? If either had a price drop, whichever one did would be my pick. If they both eventually have a price drop, then I'm asking that question again. :) I was just curious.

Right now, the Vertex 120GB looks appealing although I only have a few days to decide.

That one might be up your alley, ipaine? :)
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