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My System Specs


I tried talking him into building a system (which I would actually be doing if he decided to do so haha). I priced everything out and the final price difference isn't really that much considering the support and warranty Dell offers. I used to be a Dell on-site service tech and the lengths they go through to ensure the customer has a solid system is wild. They'll send parts out the ying-yang until every issue is completely resolved! He's been dealing with them for years so I don't blame him one bit for continuing to do so. They've treated him well. Dual 5970's and a watercooled i7 975 are parts they'll replace at the drop of a hat if need be! I've seen them deliever a whole new COMPLETE system when he requested them to do so. Keep in mind here that Slik is a retired older gentlemen who knows his shit but he's not exactly a hands on type of guy when it comes to gaming rigs....... he might be able to find his way around in a computer case but he can't lift and move around a monster machine such as the 720, 730X, and now this Area 51 he has coming lol...... and since I can't always be there to help him out, this is for sure his best route!

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