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+1 for Insanelymac forum. You will almost certainly find a guide for your motherboard particularly if it is an Intel chipset.

Personally I use whatever technology makes sense (i.e. I don't consider myself either a Mac or PC snob). My video server is a Hackintosh (ASUS P5Q-PRO with Q6600 @ 3.2GHz, 6GB RAM, 8800GTS, and about 10TB of disk drives. I run Snow Leopard and then Parallels 5 virtual machine for a Windows 7 64 bit installation. The Win7 I set in one display and Snow Leopard in the other display. I can run Mac and Windows apps simultaneously and moving between the OS'es is as simple as moving the mouse For example I really like Anydvd but it is only available in PC version. So it rips DVD's while I use Handbrake in the Mac OS to encode MP4's. It is a great setup.

And if I want to boot into full Windows I have Vista 32bit on another hard drive and just reboot the machine there. That way I can also game on the machine.

My wife has a Mac Mini and a Macbook Pro and, although expensive compared to PC hardware I have to admit the build quality is excellent. The kids have their own Windows laptops but guess what they are always stealing the Macbook Pro.

But my main rig is a gaming rig. Q9550 OC to 3.8GHz and a 5870 with 3X 23" monitors for Eyefinity. No Mac will touch this for anywhere near the price

So I recommend anyone try out the Hackintosh route. Grab a cheap 500GB disk and experiment. You can always boot back into Windows on your main hard drive when you get bored or frustrated.
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