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Originally Posted by bovine.baron View Post
It should be easy to install this onto any new rig, right? My sisters like Mac's interface better than Windows and Linux just plain confuses them.
Definitely not easy. Assuming you manage to install it on the PC, you still need :

- a compatible motherboard (to have basic things like reboot and sleep work, else your Mac will shutdown or reboot erratically)
- a compatible GPU (to support optimal resolutions and acceleration)
- a compatible lan card (OSX is pretty finicky when it comes to wireless)
- patience, and some skill (ie. console skill, as in linux console, to fix configuration files, compiling code, etc)

Keep in mind, this isn't a weekend project.

Here are some useful links:

- hardware compatibility list for Snow Leopard 10.6.2
- Insanely Mac forum (great resource for Hackintoshes)
- Buying your legit version of Snow Leopard
- a very decent boot disk to get your hackintosh adventure started

If you decide to follow through, don't hesitate to contact me for (some) help.


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