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My System Specs


Well- In case someone else with a simlar problem stumbles on this thread, this is what I've come up with:

nvidia 6**i boards with C2D's seem to be particularly prone to having TJunction temps that are registering too low. Tjunction is the temp as reported by TAT and CoreTemp- these are sensors located within the chip and are supposed to be 12 to 15 degrees hotter than Tcase temps as reported by SpeedFan. If you find that your tjunction temps are lower than tcase- then there's a problem with one of the sensors or the software that reports it (sometimes flashing to a new bios can help) but to play safe you should clock and volt down and keep that Tcase (SpeedFan) temp from going above 50 degrees (which is about 65 on TAT if all is working correctly).

Unfortunately for me, I just discovered this after months of running my cpu at 40 idle, and 55 load- which it turns out is really 62 idle, and 77 load -I'm sure it has reached over 80 at times. The reason that it was allowed to get so hot is that my CPU heatsink fan is controlled by the Tjunction temps which were reading 22 degrees too low, and the CPU throttling which shuts it down if it gets too hot also operated based on that temp. So it would seem that I have been slowly cooking my C2D over the last couple of months. I'm really pissed, but I guess that's they way she goes- I don't mind having to get a new one, but I doubt I'll be able to get a good stepping like I had, and that's what really ticks me off.

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