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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
The New V gen 2 SNV425 is a good bang for your buck drive. May end up being this rounds "Agility" in that it has good performance at a killer price (though the V+ will most likely hold that title IMHO). The SNV425-S2 is the stand alone kit. JUST the SSD no extra goodies. THe SNV425-S2BD is the Bundle kit with a drive, and a whack of extras (2.5 to 3.5 adapter rails, Acronis HD disk, Sata cable, and molex to SATA power adapter) . Kingston is the best in the industry when it comes to value added accessories. Same goes for the V+ as the BD is the BunDle kit.
I was actually looking at those V gen 2's, but noticed that there is only about $40 difference in price. Considering that is it really worth the extra money for the V+ over the V?

Oh one more question I looked at NCIX and noticed that with the V+ 128 the bundle is way more than the stand alone drive.

SNVP325-S2/128GB = $331.71
SNVP325-S2B/128GB = $414.99

Do you know of anything included that would justify that? Or is it just a bad price on the bundle or for that matter a good price on the stand alone?

Originally Posted by AkG View Post

It will be a little while longer before SandForce really hits the market. Once Corsair and a couple others hit the market with them they almost HAVE to lower the price of their Indilinx drives (or EOL them) as the SF will be the new flagship model. Waiting is a tough call....but it may just be worth it. Then again going from ANY HDD to ANY SSD is huge jump. So unless you want the "best of the best" find one that is right for your budget NOW and dont worry about what tomorrow brings. ;)
I would love to wait and will have to wait a couple weeks at least, but currently am dying a slow death with this craptastic old maxtor. Heck on HD Tune Pro I got an access time of 16.1ms, a burst of only 104.6MB/s and what is really bad is the average read of only 46.7MB/s

Sure I could move stuff around and clone this over to a faster drive (like the one 1TB WD black) but do I really want to do that work if I am going to get a SSD right away anyways?
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