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I have contacted one of the larger teams who have done this a few times with a few questions. Here are the guidlines from last year:

Here's a couple of tidbits regarding the upcoming Chimp Challenge '09.

First, the rules:

1. First team to accumulate 20,000,000 points from the start time wins.

2. Start time for the contest is Tuesday, May 5th at 12pm, Pacific Daylight Time.

3. The victor gets to claim the lucky jaded monkey as the prize. Tales have been told of untold wealth and fame that comes with this. The victorious team is allowed to display in any honorary fashion the jaded monkey, the losing team is forbidden to display it. The losing team is bestowed the dreaded monkey's paw, which is said to be cursed. People have been known for have very bad luck with this paw!

4. Team captains are as follows: TBA

5. In the event of a close race, the Stanford site will be considered the official source for points information.

6. Only team captains are allowed to make changes to rules.

7. The official folding names are TBA

8. Have fun and keep it positive.
If we do this, we need a username that is monkey-related, or team name related.

Any suggestions?

Here is what I got, if they qualify:

- DamBeavers

- LoonieBeavers

- Beavers_Gone_Bananas
Fold for team #54196
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