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I think we should. MaxPC organizes it as far as I can see; I am not against joining up with another Canadian team if thats feasible, but we could try it on our own. It would be great exposure, and if we can get some folks folding for us who normally don't (ie. on other teams, don't usually fold period) we could get noticed.

I was confused when I looked this up earlier. I found all kinds of links for '09 and earlier. has a decent looking signup page here for their team, that could give us ideas:
[Official] Chimp Challenge 2010 - Signup Here! - -

The thing I noticed when looking at this earlier was that you need to keep the bigadv passkey private for the team; you can't publish it, as some folks might be inclined to submit bad WUs and 'unqualify' us for the bonus points. If we join, i think we should get some WUs done under the passkey to get the bonus setup with Stanford before the competition.

But as far as I know, you need to register a username for your team at MaxPC, and at the start date of the competition you put your points in. But for the life of me, I see no thread concerning this year's competition.
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