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Default Chimp Challenge 2010 - HWC Team?

This is more of a question to the Folding Captains now that we have them

The Chimp Challenge 2010 should be starting up around May 5th. The basic idea is a race to 20M points.

While we may not have the strength right now due to people being down, by the time it starts next month we could be a real contender? Maybe convince some of the NCIX/HWC crossover hitters to join with us? Or merge NCIX & HWC under one Canadian Banner?

I have a bit of hardware at my disposal I could setup temporarily with some help to get turn in some decent points.

Couldn't find all that much information who who organizes it (that's for you Folding Cap's to find out ), but here are the general rules: View topic - OFFICIAL 2009 CHIMP CHALLENGE THREAD - Maximum PC Forums

edit: I think it is MaxPC and EOC who help organize it. Maybe look there?

Maybe something to think about because it is coming up fast and I imagine we would need to get our name in the ring, and all members informed asap!

Unfortunately it looks like we would be competing against the likes of OCN who appears to have literally hundreds of people at their disposal (no thanks to thousands in swag ) but I think we could really pull it off if we get the heavy hitters going.

Last year's won with an average of 3.5M PPD and second at 2.8M

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