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I guess it may be the HSF then.

My process:

I take off the HSF, use rubbing alcohol on a q-tip and remove all the thermal paste from the CPU, then I use a kitchen towel with rubbing alcohol and remove all thermal paste from the HSF.

After that, I apply the thermal paste with the applicator (Zalman STG1 - comes with a nail polish like applicator) on the CPU, and then rub some into the HSF with a paper towel. I then place the HSF back on the CPU making sure all the HSF is tight on the cpu.

After about a week of letting the thermal paste settle, I'm at about 50C, whereas I've had my CPU at 30C in the past. Never overclocked, etc. Fresh OS install, doesn't make a diff.

Maybe my HSF needs a cleaning rather than thermal paste.
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