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That's more like it :P

Though I have my doubts about the cinebench and the other graphical benchmarks in terms of optimisation of the threads. I doubt that they are very (or even mildly) optimised for more than a couple of threads (2-4 max) and won't perform in a very 'linear' way if the more you have cores.

Just looking at the memory test though you still see that amd has the edge over intel with HT compared to QPI even if QPI is heck of a nice bit of technology.

You see also the potential of the chip when you push them to the max with something that you could scale to near infinite number of cores to it with pure math benchmarks.

Then again they didn't really test one core vs another so you don't really know which would be the fastest (though most likely intel by a few percent) so your last comment is not true.
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