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My System Specs


Didn't think we needed to start a new thread since this is still SSD recommendations, so I just am adding to this one.

I am also looking at a SSD. Since I had a bunch of drives die on me I have ended up with a really crappy old sata 1 drive as my os drive.

So because of this my video card plans are on the back burner and I think I might have to grab a SSD.

That leaves with what to choose.

I know that I can not go any smaller than 120/128, but I have to keep the price down. I sure would love to get a 160 Intel but I just can't afford that.

What are people's recommendations for a 120/128GB drive? I am looking at something like the Kingston V+, OCZ Agility (would love the Vertex), and anything else that is in that similar price range.
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