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IIRC (and I may be wrong) that is a JM612 based SSD. Decent enough kit, has TRIM and an very aggressive ITGC already built into the firmware. IF I am right on it being a 612, its basically the same as a Corsair Reactor w/ dif mfg backing it up (for RMA and firmware support).

IF you are looking at the more value orientated, take a long hard look at the Kingston SSDNow V Gen 2 (SNV425's). They use a improved version of the 612 (called a 618 designed by JMircon but fabbed by Toshiba). Some other good ones are the G.Skill Falcon 2, OCZ Agility, Corsair Nova and Kingston SSDNow V+ gen 2 (SNVP325's). I personally am not a fan of Ridata as they are an unknown quantity when it comes to Customer Service. I know I used to use their blank DVD-Rs....but the quality was only middling at best (this was back when they were over 2 bucks a DVD....and were CHEAP compared to TY gear!).
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