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Originally Posted by m1dget View Post
gingerbee kittens aluminum fence - Google Search

Ca fait autant de sens. Google will always have something for you whatever it is.

Following a rule one of my /b/ 'tard friend told me once, I'm pretty sure there must be ipad porn as a nice addition to what you googled there my friend.
Google searches by key word, so it searches for websites that would have those words on a given page. You're search shows results where only one or two of the keywords are on the page, and are completely independent of each other. They have no relation to each other in any form, except for the fact that they are on the same page.

Searching IPad Tablet PC actually brings up results with the phrase Ipad tablet pc, or Ipad tablet computer. Big difference between the two.

But what confuses me the most is how its alright for Steve Jobs to compare it to a computer, saying it can do things no netbook or tablet pc can (which in Steve Job's language means it can't do anything a netbook or tablet PC can), but when anyone else compares it to a computer, they're wrong.

Double standard FTW.