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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Fudd Rucker View Post
Off topic a bit, but you cant seriously be comparing this to a half decent netbook.

I have an HP mini with an HT enabled Atom 230 (i think thats it) and its a great machine. Streams 720p video flawlessly to my tv over the home network, plays basic games, and the LED monitor is awesome. The battery life on it is spectacular and 92% of a standard keyboard isnt that hard to work with. Mind you I did throw a 2gb stick of ddr2 and windows 7 on it. But for its intended purpose i cannot forsee this $600 ipad being a better machine then my 350 dollar netbook.
I read the last 2 pages because I haven't had the time yesterday and I really can't beleive that you guys are still arguying and comparing that thing with a computer

Talk about a waste of time and drive space with uselessness.

It's like comparing a shinny toaster with a oven and whining about the toaster not being able to bake a turkey

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