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Holy crap 5.951 cents per kw! In NB it is between 9.69-9.22cents/kw, but 17.78 cents per kw once you add in all the tax and service charges. Some might argue you can't include tax + service fees....but the way I look at it, it still adds up to cash out of my wallet.

So in NB it would be for - Running 8 thread -bigadv -> 430w = $55.04
If I used the 9.22cents/kWh = $28.54 a month. But I would only be kidding myself.

5.951 cents/kw, does that include service fees and taxes?

The effect taxes and service fee has on your approx kWh cost is crazy -

Service fee = $21.63

1300kw/hrs @ 9.69cents/kWh = $125.97
1629kw/hrs @ 9.22cents/kWh = $150.19

Water heater service = $5.84

HST = $39.47

Total = $343.10/1929 kWh = 17.78 cents/kWh = now I will figure out my approx folding cost.

Maybe I am wrong...
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