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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
Not haters...just skeptics.
IF you think its a good fit....go for it.
Whenever someone disagrees with an Apple advocate the result is that they are obviously just a blind hater with absolutely no idea why.

This is tiresome.

Originally Posted by chriskwarren View Post
You seem to have your mind made up, so I hope the iPad works well for you and you don't regret your purchase. Don't write off my opinion as 'PC guy hates Mac' though, as I just foresee some significant issues. I know that when I went to university, a USB or floppy drive was key to sharing resources and getting work done, and if you want to be sharing with your classmates, you need to make it easy for them to do so or they just won't share resources with you.
As above, you shouldn't have to worry about being labeled a "hater" just because you pointed out its OBVIOUS defects.

This too, is tiresome.

Originally Posted by Zero82z View Post
So with $200 worth of accessories and crap that you have to carry around, an iPad can approach the level of functionality that a netbook already has built in. Now your argument really doesn't make sense. Why go through the hassle instead of just getting something that has all the features you need right out of the box?

That's ridiculous.
Yes, especially since by the time you have a keyboard, add on usb adapter, and God-know-what-else-needed to add basic functionality to the device it's going to be hell to carry.

Since when can you argue the "10 inch portability" argument when you've already committed to packing around a full size keyboard for functionality?

With the price tag of the iPad, plus all the price tag of all the accessories you want to buy you could get yourself a decent 15 or 17 inch laptop with integrated usb, keyboard, wireless N, G, and bluetooth.