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It seems to continue regardless of system conditions, but some of the users on the Gigabyte support forum have also suggested it might be coil whine.

One of the theories is that it's coil whine caused by certain brands of PSUs. I'm no expert on electrical engineering so I'm not certain how plausible the theory is, but several people with this motherboard and a Seasonic or Corsair PSU have reported the "whine" sound, and reported that switching to a different brand of PSU solved the problem. Not that the PSU was bad, but they are theorizing that Gigabyte's power circuitry has some sort of compatibility issue with these PSU's. I'm using a PC P&C PSU myself (confirmed good by multimeter), but it could be that those have the same problem.

When I have some time tomorrow I will be trying to pinpoint the source of the sound just to satisfy my curiousity, but the problem has been reported with boards from various different manufacturing batches so RMA'ing for a replacement might not do any good.
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