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Don't get me wrong belgolas; there is a place for a product like the iPad. I just think its too expensive, and the lack of USB is huge for me, and I think it will for you too if you plan on using this in the manner you suggested. I think flash will come eventually; watch out though, many sites use Flash now for navigation (ie. course signup pages, mark updates, etc), and many instructors use flash videos and flash animations in their online lessons, and take it for granted that users will be able to see them. You would have to head home to your PC to do this if Apples does not come through with flash support.

You seem to have your mind made up, so I hope the iPad works well for you and you don't regret your purchase. Don't write off my opinion as 'PC guy hates Mac' though, as I just foresee some significant issues. I know that when I went to university, a USB or floppy drive was key to sharing resources and getting work done, and if you want to be sharing with your classmates, you need to make it easy for them to do so or they just won't share resources with you.
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