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My System Specs


Well you guys obviously fail to read my posts. I said I would be using a keyboard. Either a blue tooth keyboard or the keyboard dock. I also read text on my PC for hours at a time with no effects on my eyes. Many of the reviews state that reading on the iPad is a pleasure. Plus usually I don't read longer than an hour or 2. The word processing program on the iPad is a FULL desktop class software. I don't know why people say it isn't. Also there is USB you just have to get a add in card.

The iPad can do a ton more than a netbook can do on a crappy atom CPU.

The iPad is simply the best internet surfing device except for flash but honestly I don't use flash or visit many websites with flash. Don't tell me a net book is better at web surfing.

As far as touch keyboards go I have typed several pages of text on my iPhone and it can be done. Not the most enjoyable but easily done. Besides you can use a full keyboard anyways so doesn't matter.

Oh and I also forgot to mention that the iPad is the best mobile gaming platform as well. It is much better than the PSP and DSi and I have used them as well.

I am well informed about what the iPad can and can not do and it fits almost perfectly for what I want it to do.

Can't believe I am defending an apple product but I guess since this is a windows forum there will be a lot of haters.

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