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My System Specs


Originally Posted by belgolas View Post
Well this product isn't for any of you guys but I sure like it. For me I don't have a laptop and I don't need a laptop as I never found a use for one as my smart phone does almost everything I want on the go. But now that I am going to college I will need a portable device to type on.

So my options right now are fairly limited for cheap devices.

I can get a cheap netbook, a tablet, or an iPad.

A cheap netbook may be cheaper but you get a crappy cramped keyboard that is not fun to use. You get such a small screen that using a full sized OS is not an enjoyable experience. And the worst of all it is extremely slow to use. So the net book option is out of the question unless I can get a used full sized laptop.

O.k. now I could go for a tablet but then you run into many of the problems stated above. Slow and a full sized OS simply does not work.

Now lets look at the iPad. With a stand and a FULL sized keyboard it is enjoyable to type on. It has a beautiful screen with the BY FAR the best work software on the go for that size of screen. IT is very fast. I don't know why any body would say other wise. It has more than enough batter life. 10 hours is a long time and yes it DOES get ten hours.
The iPad's touch keyboard is not any bigger than a 10" netbook's keyboard will be, and I guarantee you that a netbook will be more enjoyable (or less of a pain in the ass, rather) to type on than an iPad. A touch keyboard is a novelty. Try writing a paper on an iPad and your fingers will feel like they're about to fall off before you're halfway through. Not to mention the fact that if you plan on getting any real work done you're going to need a real word processing program like Word (which is the best out there, bar none) or OpenOffice Writer in a pinch.

As for speed, Windows is more than usable on a netbook when it comes to simple tasks like word processing or basic internet surfing. Now, I personally think that netbooks are a pain in the ass to use compared to a full laptop, but they are still much better than something like the iPad for the kinds of things you're talking about.
Originally Posted by belgolas View Post
I also believe this is BY FAR the best e-book reader as it is not hard on the eyes and has colour and is very fast. One thing that kept me away from the kindle is that it is to dam slow. This is much better to read your kid a book in colour or read your kid a comic book than a black and white kindle. Plus it can do more.

Why would I ever by a kindle now? Why would I ever buy a @$^&&* almost unusable netbook now? The iPad is a great device and I will be getting one. It CAN do everything I WANT on the go and do it better than any other cheap device and do more at the same time.
Colour is not something you want from an eBook reader. What you want is a screen that is very readable. You want the closest thing to real paper as you can get, which is an e-ink display. The iPad has an LCD display, which is nowhere near as good as something like the Kindle or the nook.

Netbooks are hardly unusable for the kinds of things you're talking about, and compared to the iPad, they are more versatile and can do much more.