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Default Ultimate Watercooling Round-Up

Afternoon Canada!

I was just pretty bored, looking at watercooling setups, galleries, worklogs, reviews, etc... By the time I finished I think I went through more than 15 websites.

So I wonder, any way you guys can dedicate some of your time to put this together?

It could look like something like this:

(review methodologies are up to you to decide, performance, value or just plain who gives you the coolest temperatures)

- Top 5 radiators
- Top 5 pumps
- Top 5 coolants
- Top 5 tubing
- And so on

I know it could be quite a lot of work, but it will be guaranteed to bring in a lot of traffic for sure. To have such a condensed information spot is very handy. There are sites already that do include some reviews, but like I said, they are either VERY outdated or just do not offer the complete package.

Think about it HWC
-- Viva Canada! --
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