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Originally Posted by Delavan View Post
1- Corsair V
2- Corsair R
3- Kingston SSDnow.

Right now, Corsair offers 2 years warranty. Kingston is 3 years.
The Corsair V is faster than the R ( they support TRIM right off the bat), but their firmware won't be upgraded.

That Kingston is based on Jmicron controller, it's not as bad as the old ones, but not as fast as the 2 above.

If you want a good Kingston, look at the V+, it's a lot better.
I couldn't find a Kingston forum tho. Don't know about firmware updates.

60GB is a little small for a laptop isn't it? Well, depends of your use for it. I travel with my laptop, got all my music and a lot of movies on it. For me 60GB is too small for a laptop. Unless you own an external drive that you carry around?
I have a question. The Corsair V has an Indilinx Barefoot controller ? How come firmware isn't updated then?

Does Corsair determine what firmware it uses or Indilinx? If it was Indilinx, wouldn't they be able to have a similar firmware to say, another Indilinx-based device? Or is the hardware so different or varied enough, that they couldn't just apply similar firmware?

Does a lack of firmware updates or an EOL firmware mean the drive won't have any opportunity or option of performance improvement? Or maybe new firmware wouldn't optimize much anyway (unless, the drive was really lacking at some things - like the Kingston V+?)?

Lastly, is there any theory why Corsair/Indilinx are not having firmware updates for the V?
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