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Default Is my soundcard killing me?


New member here and my first post.
I recently joined as I love the website!
A great place for info, reviews etc...

I'm hoping for some help/input with a problem I have.
I have a new comp with a Asus Rampage 2 MB with onboard Supreme FX XFi soundcard.
While playing Left For Dead 2 My comp will often freeze up requiring a reset.
Things will be running smoothly then the sound stutters, repeats and the screen goes blank:(

Could this be caused by the software based Supreme?
I believe all my comp drivers are up to date.
Should I get a new soundcard? If so then I'd probably get a Asus D2x.
Then my concern would be it fitting in the pci-e slot under the two Sapphire 5870 gpu's I have?
Anyone have a similar setup?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated as I'm not the most computer savy gamer out there.
I play them well, I just can't fix em.



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