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Default Annoying Video Problem?

This started awhile ago but I sort-of ignored it for along time, now it's coming back and hitting me in the face so to speak.

About three weeks ago I dual-booted WinXP/Win7 on this i7 machine and installed drivers for everything on both OS's. Everything works out but GTA San Andreas likes to crash with a black screen and with a half second clip of a sound repeating over and over again. Ctrl-Alt-Del is no-go, only way to use my machine again is to restart. If I look through the fan grills I notice there's this little red light on the back of my 4850 which shows up.

I decided to ignore it but the other day I was playing some G-Mod (or was it HL2) and the damn thing did it again, which it does all the time now with both games as well as GTA San Andreas. I DL'ed GPU-Z and this issue is NOT due to overheating. Also, GTASA, HL2 and G-Mod are the only 3 games which it does this with, but I find it hella annoying since I particularly like 'em...

Troubleshooting Steps Taken:

1. Reinstalled video card drivers
2. Tested video card in new system
3. Reinstalled games
4. Reinstalled OS's, then drivers, then games
5. Tested in open-air to prevent possible overheating.

And still no dice. Any ideas?
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