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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Zero82z View Post
So are you two suggesting that media industry professionals who use their computers for photo and video editing wouldn't benefit from having the latest hardware in their Macs? Because that's a pretty naive thing to say. No matter how good an OS is, it's not going to turn the performance of a Core 2 into that of an i7.
I'm not saying that, and there's a reason that the Mac Pro exists. They way faster computer than the mini to give you maximum output possible -while being a simple workstation model that you can buy like a car-, and it's for a reason that there's xserve server that have i7, to make render farm if you want more power than a couple of mac pros.

Though again if you want a mac workstation with a crap load of cpu power, iirc you can order a model with dual nehalem, 3-4 gfx card, a raid card + 4 or 6 drives, etc (but I might be mistaken it's been a while since I've checked).
You will pay a -lot- for that thing, but again it's not a personal computer but a -workstation- and most of the people using that are in companies and not normal people going on the internet for emails, news, forums, etc.

Sure they don't update the hardware every month or so, but that's part of apple business model. It worked up to now and will continue working like that for years to come. When it will be time to update the components and roll out new model they will gladly and you will be able to have one of the fastest components on the market... until there's newer component 6-8 months later and you will have to wait for 4 months to buy a mac pro with again the latest hardware.
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