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The thread just veered of a little bit with a little Mac and PC bashing,lol. No one is wrong on either side of the argument. When you think of a PC there is a loose set of standards that are used by many third party manufactures to put in PC's. With that kind of construction there is alot of variables that have to be anticipated by Microsoft in the construction of their OS, same with LINUX.

Apple take another approach. They built the OS then they select or in some cases commision companies to design hardware that works with the OS thus minimizing varibles that could cause the OS to crash or not perform at top spec. The approach is the same with all software the engineers know what type of hardware they are building the software to work with so they can optimize the code. Just like in the PC world with countless software patches for hardware, with each generation of software they are taking better advantage of the gear.

Apples perform well in the music and movie bussiness because the software designed for those tasks has been optimized to work with the most common hardware setups in Apple computers. That is not to say that PC's can't hold their own in that world but that Apple has done it better for so long that Apple has kind of become the standard.

For every advantage with either platform Apple or PC there are just as many disadvantages. PC are easier to upgrade and more cost effective, and with the implementation of Intel processors in the Apple world they can be dual booted with Apple OS and you can take advantage of Apple software although the software may not be optimized for your hardware. The one big advantage Apple has over PC is that they are percieved by the population in general as more accesible to newer or less experienced computer users. There are more advantages and disadvantages on both sides of the argument. The bottom line is buy what you want it's your money, just don't bitch when your shiny new Apple can't play the latest games, or whine your PC software can't edit video as smoothly as your friends Apple.