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I seem to have the same problem. I recently installed the latest release of Nividia Drivers. Last night I was attempting to show a friend the difference Physics makes in MOD 2 on my GTX285. The embarassment set in when there was no physics effects even though it all worked the day before I installed the latest drivers. Now he thinks I am mental LOL and full of it. I was going to show him how the effects are superior to playing on Xbox. I want my physics back... Dang you Nvidia...

The sample I was attempting to show was in Act I Mission II, Teamplayer. The other night , after I got my GTX285 reinstalled after RMA work, I was reminded of the great Physics effects with leaves and dust blowing around the opening scean around my face. Totally immersible effects. Now since I updated the driver the leaves and dust are not there.

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