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My System Specs


GOD DAMN, dude, as I explained many times before (and sorry for anything coming up in here, im ****ing drunk), any mac is not built around hardware needs, but around an os.

Here's the lil french apple flowchart easy to understand:

Build an OS -> take hardware that would let you use 100% of the OS' awesomeness -> build computer -> put in a nice case with an apple on

Easy as that.

Anything outside of that is out of the apple mindset and makes no sense for teh company... even if you hardware guys thinks that its stupid because you can't wrap your minds around the fact that it's not the latest hardware on the market.

If you want to know how the -hell- having an i7 in a mac mini or macbook is useless is as simple as TRYING ONE FOR MORE THAN 5 MINS WITH SOMEBODY WHO KNOWS IT. After that your mind will be blown away, you wil have bought one without even knowing it and will get in the WHAT THE **** IS WRONG WITH THE COMPUTER MARKET AND PEOPLE BUYING ****ING ACERS around you.

"NIX is a classic example of security through obscurity because there is no real monetary reward for crackers and hackers to break Linix" -AkG