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Originally Posted by MonsterSound View Post
As far as a PC for my mother goes, I would recommend keeping an eye on the specials from the big chains. Most of the time I can't build a decent PC with an OS for the kind of low prices <$400 they offer. Get rid of the bloatware on some of these sale machines, and you've given mom a decent setup.

^^ true dat

-or- you can check out the $big_box_store's budget systems and then make a knockoff with the same (or similar) kit and throw on a free linux distro for her needs. You get the pride of building it, guaranteed compatibility of the various parts, and no bloat.

-or- like was already said- just post your requirements and someone will offer help, custom-suited for you.

I don't think it's feasible to keep a 'suggested build for X dollars' posted for more than a few days (sometimes hours) without updates.
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