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Originally Posted by Full Speed View Post
I've been interested in jumping on 3D Vision since it was release, but the mixed reviews always kept me from wanting to spend that much on it. Is it worth the price? I was going to build a system with a 5850 in a month or two but I'm interested in 3D vision again. Maybe I'll wait to see what the price on the GTX470 is like.
I pretty much only play on 3D Vision. The best display for me is either a big screen DLP or a DLP Projector...the experience is without equal and note that I have been gaming since the very first ping pong machines so I have seen everything and never being this impressed with gaming.
I wish there was a way to express how cool it is.
Most of my games play awesome. There are things here and there that are not perfect but the experience is so awesome that you wont mind the little issues.
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