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Default HWC approved builds

Something that I think would be nice to see on this site would be an article for Hardware Canuck "approved" builds for different budgets.

For instance, there could be one for high end gaming, one for mid range PCs and one for budget PCs.

The reason I am suggesting this is because my mother asked me what kind of PC she should get and all I really know about is towards the higher end of the spectrum, so when I tried to think up a build for her the sum total came out to $1000! All she needs a PC for is listening to music and surfing the net and e-mails, so 1000 dollars seemed pretty steep. I could just pick the cheapest components available but for all I know they could be crap and not function well.

That is why it would be nice if I could click on an article, select "budget" and see a list of components that are confirmed to work well together (i.e. everything fits, nothing is bottlenecking the PC). This article could be updated annually, and this way people could take a quick glance and have a feel for what is appropriate at a certain budget.
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